The Rakehells / Miwa / Zolephants / Cincopath 10/10/15 @ Lucky 13.

New photos up in the gallery!

photo credit: Dave Bunting

Rakehells VS Hardcore Jollies @ King Killer Studios 6/19

Rakehells Interview on “Punk Life from NYC Live with Morgan”

We had a blast (can’t you tell?) being interviewed by Morgan on his 2nd City Radio show straight out of Birmingham England. Get some insight into our forthcoming album “Covered in Glory”. Give it a listen!!

Free Brooklyn Hanks Show – 9/13/14

The Rakehells at Hanks 9.13.14

Rakes @ Red Jen Productions April 11!!

CMJ Show Date! Thursday 10/17 @ 10PM

The Rakehells & Miwa Gemini make sweet, sweet music together.

Ready, Fire, Aim @ Legion (courtesy Ernest D’Amaso )

Legion (of Doom?) Bar. (that would be a great theme for a bar)….anyways…..Be there, buster!