Free Brooklyn Hanks Show – 9/13/14

The Rakehells at Hanks 9.13.14

Rakes @ Red Jen Productions April 11!!

CMJ Show Date! Thursday 10/17 @ 10PM

The Rakehells & Miwa Gemini make sweet, sweet music together.

Ready, Fire, Aim @ Legion (courtesy Ernest D’Amaso )

Legion (of Doom?) Bar. (that would be a great theme for a bar)….anyways…..Be there, buster!

Bowery Electric * February 10 @ 10PM

The Rakehells at Bowery Electric

Your Heros Free at Hank’s 1/14/2012 (yea…2012)

Unplugged @ The Living Room – One night only (10/5) $0.

The Sweet Ones

Check out our good mates, The Sweet Ones, new music video for their new single: Carburetor