The Band

Baby James – Vocals
Mikey Devigne – Guitar
Johnny Lowe – Bass
Patrick Paredes – Drums
Howard Stock – Guitar

Main Entry: rakehell
Pronunciation: \ rak-hel\
Function: noun
Date: 1554

After five years spent scuzzing up New York’s increasingly fey club circuit, the Rakehells finally hit the recording studio. The result is a 15-track album that harnesses the band’s influences the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Ramones, the Stooges, and the Rolling Stones, as well as more contemporary bands like Guns N’ Roses and Metallica.

Check it out: It’s got more rock than a Japanese garden.

The Rakehells are James Roe (vocals), Johnny Lowe (bass, vocals), Howard Stock (guitar left), Mikey Devigne (guitar right), and Patrick Paredes (drums). Comprised of half British and half American band members, the Rakehells build a bridge across the great pond with their unique vision of what rock and roll should be… aggressive, yet danceable pop with an in-your-face attitude and catchy hooks.

It may have been fate, or maybe even the Rock Gods themselves, who dispatched these rockers from their respective homelands to join together to create a new brand of ruckus. Whatever the case may be, their sneer and swagger will almost certainly catch the ears of those willing to party.

Need proof? These are real fan testimonials:

“I go to see The Rakehells because I can’t afford to see the real Mick Jagger, so I’m willing to settle for James.”

—Aaron Smith

“The Rakehells either make me forget I had a bad day or they give me the gumption to take my bad day out into a dark alley and beat the ever living crap out of it!”

—Brooke Wenth

“The Rakehells will fight them on the beaches and then machinegun their heads off with blistering rock’n’roll. The best in New York City.”

—Neil Morgan

“It’s a good thing that The Rakehells’ songs are short because they have an infectious energy that drives you to devour your own body parts while they’re on stage!”

—Susan Potoroka

“There is nothing more that I like to do than jam out with my clam out at a Rakehells show.”

—Ralee Bankston

“They GET it! And when you’ve GOT it you can GIVE it to others!”

—Elliott Blakely

The album, Please Yourself; or, the Devil in the Flesh, captures the frenetic energy of The Rakehells’ loud, debauched shows thanks to Mitchell Rackin, who recorded the band “live” at Seaside Studios in Brooklyn and later mastered the disc, and Elliot Blakely, a fan of the band who brings years of industry experience as a sound engineer to his mixing of Please Yourself.

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